What is so great about Rhino Rings?

We truly care about our customers and the quality of our products which is why we are constantly looking for ways to improve Rhino Rings.

Stay Committed

Never again will you find you or your spouse choosing appropriate times to wear or not wear your wedding rings. Always stay committed by always having a Rhino Ring.

High Durability

This high quality silicone is resistant to scratches, scuffs, and dents. It also has a high heat and UV resistance which makes it last, no matter how much time you spend outside.

Keep Active

Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle is a huge goal of ours. By having a Rhino Ring, you’ll find yourself thinking, “What else can i do with this on?”


Electricians, mechanics, and anyone else working around electricity has no need to worry because every ring is non-conductive.


Not only are the rhino rings affordable, but they also protect your traditional metal ring from damage which saves you even more.


The fact that our rings are elastic makes them both safe and comfortable.


The silicone used is non-toxic and approved by the FDA

Safe in Water

Water does not damage to the appearance or characteristics of the rings.


4 Comments on “Why Rhino Rings?”

  1. I have a silicone allergy and other silicone rings affect me. You claim “non-toxic” silicone, so are your rings different than the others?

    1. Bryan,

      Our silicone will most likely affect you if silicone has affected you in the past. We’re working on a material to give people such as yourself another option though.

  2. Especially since I plan on wearing this ring to my American manufacturing job I want the ring to be USA made.
    Which rings in you product line-up are manufactured in America?

    1. James,

      Thanks for question, that’s completely understandable. Unfortunately it’s difficult to find a rubber manufacturer in the US anymore. However, our black rings with rhino grip are made from a US based company out of North Carolina. They’ve unfortunately moved almost all of their actual manufacturing overseas now though.

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