Frequently Asked Questions

Our exchange/return process is quick and simple. Simply send the ring back to the address provided on the packaging with a note including your order # and if you would like an exchange or return. If it is an exchange, please indicate what you would like your original order exchanged for (color and size).
Exchanges and returns are processed the day they are received. Exchanges are sent back out the following business day. Refunds are also finalized the following business day.
Postage to send back the ring will be the customer’s responsibility, but we’ll take care of the shipping costs on our end.

All orders are sent out the following business day First-Class via USPS. Orders should arrive within 5 business days of placing the order. Each customer will receive an email with shipping information along with a tracking number.

Of course, whatever suits your fancy! However if the ring is snug, we suggest to take it off at night. Due to the material, if it’s tight, it may not let your finger breathe as much which could cause dryness and minor skin irritation. Some have noticed this after getting wet.

We currently have 11 colors/designs with more on the way!

We are currently only selling Rhino Rings online, but we will soon be in stores. If you are interested in selling Rhino Rings in your particular store, please contact us.

Yes, silicone is known for being a safe material. Just don’t drop it in the potato salad, it’s strongly suggested that you don’t eat or swallow it.

If the ring does not fit, feel free to send it back to us within 30 days for a different sized ring at no additional cost. The return address is…

Rhino Rings LLC

2511 S Illinois Ave #114

Carbondale, IL 62903

Our rings are unisex, but we’ve tailored the thicker ones more towards men and the thinner rings to women.

We give a 100% guarantee on our rings. If you’re not satisfied, send the ring back within the first 90 days for 100% cash back. However, the refund does not cover customer shipping costs.

There is never any shipping charge on any purchase in the United States. However for international orders, there is a $5 shipping charge.


14 Comments on “FAQ”

    1. Thanks for the question Liz! The sizes are the same as traditionally numbered rings. If the ring you choose is measured in XS, S, M, etc, then the translation to the numbered system will be in the description. Hope this helps!

    1. Devin,

      The rings we currently have will degrade over time if exposed to oil/gas on a regular basis. However we do have a new line of rings coming out within the next couple months that will be. Thank you for your question, hope this helped!

    1. Shawn,

      No, our metallic rings and our midnight black rings are made by a company in North Carolina. Unfortunately, they’ve now moved their manufacturing overseas as well even though their company is based in the states.

  1. How elastic are the rings? My knuckle is in the 10.5 range but my actual finger is closer to a 9. I’m thinking the size 10 would work but I’m worried about it not getting over the hump.

  2. What is the breaking point of this ring? I recently caught my original wedding ring on a metal edge and hung from it. I lost a lot of skin and almost my finger. I’m looking for a ring that can break under a load.

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